Social Media as a Tool

1)  A personal tool to keep up on events or key influential people… or people who are just influential to you!

Deadmau5 talked about his public persona and maintaining audience interest on his Tumblr site.

He talks about what it takes to keep your audience interested and connected. It is likened to creating an theme park full of rides.
- you need to make a world.
- make an entire experience with your work and people will want to come and be a part of it.
Interactivity is a huge part of his approach. He Facebooks, blogs, he does live video feeds where he will go on Twitter and vocally answers questions that people are tweeting to him live! And it is completely obvious that you are hearing from him, rather than some employee hired to keep a blog or Twitter account for him.
For the experience as a whole, he talks about needing more that one type of experience. To make a “whole” fan experience you need a variety of public interactivity going on.
[sic] “So you have a rollercoaster in your backyard… which is rad. coz everyone loves roller coasters, cept for whiney bitches. and all the people from around your block is gunna wanna come and at LEAST check that shit out, or ride it. And itll be the hot thing in the neighborhood for about a week. But once everyone’s had a go… they’ll lose interest, go home n play Sega instead. I see this happen to SO many people… its ridicules.
Well, what you need then, is a fuckin theme park… and you AND your music are the theme. You with me here?  Now, people come into your theme park, and holy fuck, check out all this shit… buncha rides, no 2 the same, some merch here and there, special events, dolphins through hoops and all that whack shit. You want people to come to your theme park and feel like they’re a part of this world of yours.”

2)  Social media to promote peace

One great example of a social networking effort to promote peace, community and understanding is the “Israel Loves Iran” gesture.
2 minute trailer:
15 minute TED talk:
In this effort, a simple message on Facebook from Ronny Edry, of Israel. He posted an image of himself and his daughter with text that said “Iranians, we will never bomb your country. We heart you.” This image was widely shared, and it sparked people in Iran to post similar images, of the same sentiment, in return. National leaders and politicians for two countries at odds, and possibly heading toward war, can be completely opposed in agenda to the sentiment of the actual people of those countries. And, social networking now can give a voice to individuals!


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