Do You Have Klout?


Right now employers are combing through the complex algorithms of Klout to find employees who could be influential to their company. Companies are now looking for people who can influential in their industry for one big reason. TO SELL!

So what does that mean for us as students about to graduate and enter the “real world”? Am I going to be passed over by someone with a better Klout score? Should I start putting my Klout score on a resume? Pretty much everyone says no for a variety of reasons, but the main one is people may not even know what you are talking about. So as of today, the answer is no. But what about in six months or a year? With the accelerated trends produced by the internet, what’s to say Klout won’t become the next big thing? At that point in time if you are looking for a marketing or social media job, wouldn’t you be foolish not to tell a potential employer your score? 


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