MegaUpload a site that is owned by Kim Dotcom allows users to upload and share files for download. To be honest I have gone on this site multiple times and watched various movies or TV shows. I had no idea that in 2012  the site was shut down but that is super interesting to me because I do recall trying to go to that site. Since people had freedom to upload and share whatever they wanted they were sharing things that were copyrighted and illegal to share in the U.S. unless you had the right to do so.  Kim claimed to not have knowledge of what people were uploaded but he was indicted by a grand jury on  January 5th, 2012, and charged with “engaging in a racketeering conspiracy, conspiring to commit copyright infringement, conspiring to commit money laundering and two substantive counts of criminal copyright infringement.” The Feds seized over $50 million is assets. The case in ongoing and has not completely been settled yet but in the mean time Kim has launched a new site with special encryption to maintain his innocence in not knowing what people are uploading.


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