Summary of the lecture

Todays lecture was very interesting as well as very disturbing. I had no idea about the do’s and don’ts of passwords. My current passwords definitely need to be changed based upon those few basic rules. When it comes to private schools monitoring social media, I think that if you make your profile public you truly can’t have an expectation of privacy.I think that those with private accounts should be left alone and that it would be an invasion of privacy to require them to make their pages public or to possibly make them hand over their passwords. While I think that it could be useful to monitor these sites to help prevent suicides and stop cyber bullying, I have to think where does the schools power stop? Do they get to hand out punishment for things that are happening off school ground and after school hours? The line of where the school becomes a parent is grey.

The security camera through an app is a very cool concept. I first heard of this when my sister had her baby. She thought using the software for a baby monitor would be a cool idea because then family from all over could simply log in and see baby Giorgio, as well as maybe being a nanny cam. I think having the ability to use this software to protect your house and being able to access it from anywhere with a wi-fi connection is amazing and super convenient.

The Stuebenville rape case was my first introduction to Anonymous. I think Anonymous is awesome and I love how they are able to display all the real info that is being censored by traditional media outlets. The Stuebenville rape case just went to show how careless people can be with what they post online. These boys were posting pictures, videos and tweets all about the details to the rape. Like the Huffington Post video said they left behind a trail of evidence to convict themselves by thinking it would be cool to show everyone. This lesson has really nailed in the point of being aware of what you are posting online and on social media sites. You have to remember things you post are there forever, things that aren’t private anyone has access to and sometimes social media sites change their terms and you might just be giving away your pictures for free. Being aware of what you are doing and agreeing to is very important.


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