The thing that resonated most with me from last weeks lecture was the concept of privacy and safety in social media. I realized that I may have been a bit naive in my trust of privacy settings. The internet is a dark and complex space. Anything you put out could come back to get you. It’s something specific to this millennial generation. something that no generation before us has had to deal with. I’m interested to see what happens with internet laws, but for the time being I’m pretty content with my web presence. Like a few people mentioned last week in class, if anyone really cares enough to hack into my private profiles, they really wont find anything too interesting.

This BBC article talks about potential ways to make the web safer. Though some ideas, like adding “report abuse” buttons to everything, could be helpful. I think ideas like “teaching people to be nicer to each other” aren’t very realistic. I hope that as the internet evolves future generations will learn to behave appropriately online just like they learn to behave appropriately in real life. 


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