Thoughts on Internet Privacy

I actually JUST did a presentation in my Ethics of a Computerized Society Class about Data Mining in Social Media, and after all of my hours spent researching I’ve come to the conclusion that ultimately, we, as social media users agree to various privacy policies and user agreements without reading 99% of what we’re agreeing to. However, you, as the user, are responsible for understanding the contracts and agreements you’ve signed, or checked.  You are legally and morally responsible for that which you agree too.

I feel that in Ashley Payne’s case, she is at fault.  As school teacher, you should be extremely stringent with the content that you post online, and most definitely be sure you know EXACTLY who has access to seeing anything on your profile, and if you’re unsure, DONT POST!

As for hackers and password security, it is smart to have different passwords, but I constantly forget which password goes to which account, and having them all in a document would make it SO easy for someone to hack all of my accounts at once. As it is, my Twitter has been hacked twice, just since school started. GAH!  There’s gotta be a really great Ap to keep track of all of these passwords, that’s encrypted somehow. I need to do some digging.

And, just as Sara and Adam have mentioned, I’m not that worried about hackers either. I’m just a small town girl from MT with less than 1,000 friends, less than 100 IG followers, and a pretty stale and silent Twitter page. Plus, I’m broke! No one wants what I’ve got!


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