Why do computer hackers always wear masks?

Why do computer hackers always wear masks?

I mean really, we can’t see them. Unless another hacker hacks their webcam? But I feel like a hacker that gets hacked is pretty unprofessional. But I digress. This week we talked about everything from password safety to freedom of information.

One thing I hadn’t ever thought about was the safety of the website to whom I was creating the password for. I just never really gave much thought to the fact that they might get hacked and my information could get stolen through their fault and not mine. We can’t really protect ourselves from that aside from creating 100 different passwords, one for each website. Or can we? Online gamers take identity theft VERY seriously and companies like Blizzard and Square Enix, amongst others, use devices called authenticators. It’s a little keychain device (or a phone app if preferred) that when a button is clicked it pops out a string of numbers. To access your account you have to enter that number with your username and password. This number changes every 30 seconds. It’s unrealistic for a person to have more than one or two authenticators, but I think it would be neat for some of our more important sites to use this additional layer of security or at least have it as an option.

As far as freedom of information goes I don’t think it’s realistic to expect all information to be free. If I were to ignore reality I would at least love to see all educational material be free and accessible to everybody. As a supposed participant in our government I also think that government information should be accessible as well, there are too many secrets. As far as media goes I think that prices should be more reasonable and that piracy would be a much smaller issue if that were the case.


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