The Future of Social Interaction

The internet has continued  to play a larger  role in all our lives over time.  On a regular basis people are “googling” the answer to any and all questions they might have. Every time we utilize different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Etc, we are giving out all sorts of information about ourselves to these companies. They are gaining semantic data off of us from the different search queries we do, where we are searching from, the different phrases we are repeatedly using. Not only are the gaining semantic data from our basic searches, but they are also gaining social data from all of our social networks. These companies know mass amount of things about what we like, where we want to go, where we buy things,etc. This is helping these companies to tailor our searches before we even finish our sentences. To ensure that the ads displayed on our screens are things they believe will be of interest to us. Like the guys in the podcast said its like having a personal assistant who is working on your search for you. I think as  technology continues to advance we are going to be relying on the internet and different apps, programs, etc. for more and more throughout time.

I could see how eventually  appliances will be able to communicate to each other. I think it would be awesome if your washer and dryer could communicate to each other. I would love to be able to have my washer and dryer let me know when they are done via text message. This could help to prevent forgotten laundry and to keep things on schedule, which would be super helpful! Having a smart refrigerator that could help you to know when things are gonna go bad or when things are going to run out, would be awesome!  It would be great to have a refrigerator that could keep data of what is running out and then you would already have a list of what is gone or even in the future be able to get it delivered. Internet connectivity with household appliances would be very useful in a variety of ways.  With things like Netflix that can restart your program exactly where you left it off the last time and recommend similar things based off your previous watched items. Even now when you take a picture on some smart phones the phone will highlight purchasable items like say a coke can and then if you click on it, it will direct you straight to a place to purchase it. Facebook has become a main means of communication for many people especially those without phones. Not to mention when someone loses their phone the first thing they do is post on Facebook t contact them through there.  I think in the future internet connectivity will the be essential in streamlining the daily experience for many different things.


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