The Future of Social “Interaction”


Since the internet was fully launched back in 1994 social interaction began to evolve. First we had message boards, then MySpace, to Facebook and Twitter. Today, Google+ hangouts and Skype allow us to connect with anyone practically anywhere. What’s next? Teleporting like in Star Trek? Time Travel; a la Back to the Future?




To think about what social interaction used to be only about 20-25 years ago is so much different than it is now. Between cellphones, texting, FaceTime or email social interaction has gone from face-to-face, to device-to-device. We longer connect at coffee shops anymore, we connect on 4Square, and I think that is sad.




I think it is scary to think about what else people will come up with so that we don’t have to interact with each other anymore. Someone could talk to 10 people in a day and never see one, they could not even type the message…they could just use Siri! Is this what social interaction has truly be DEVOLED to? I truly hope not.



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