The Future!

After listening to a handful of podcasts from How Stuff Works: Tech Stuff, my brain is overflowing with optimism for the future and upcoming innovations, but I can’t help but fear for society. Our society has already become so dependent on technology that future innovations could potentially lead us down a dark path.

I love technology, and I embrace innovation in my day to day life, it makes life easier and it helps me to be more organized but, being totally connected all the time opens the door for privacy vulnerabilities as well as a slow loss of the ability to retain information, and the ability to think for yourself. Relying on your refrigerator to tell you what’s for dinner, or waiting for an email to let you know your laundry is dry creates a reliance on technology that can cause serious issue if these devices are hacked, have technical errors, or if there is a power outage. In addition, relying on friends information about a particular restaurant or vacation destination can be hazardous because not all of your friends have the same taste in activities

Technological innovation is great but we, as a society, need to remember our roots. We need to remember how to accomplish tasks ourselves without the aid of technology. We should respect technology as the massive powerful beast that it is and remember that all in a moments notice it can be gone.


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