To Inspire: My Ultimate Goal!


After watching the Tony Robbins TED Talk, I felt like I could conquer the world.  The power of inspiration knows few bounds, and to have the ability to spark a flame within someone is something to be desired.  I have always craved the influence that it takes to help someone truly analyze about their life, their decisions, and their goals.

Tony Robbins, and the founder of My New Red Shoes took their powerful idea, and MADE it work! They recognized a problem, and created their own solution, even if the solution seemed small at the time.  To think, Tony came from seriously humble beginnings, serving a Thanksgiving meal to only one or two families, and is now serving these meals to HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS!

His perspective on choices really resonated with me.  Each day, we make countless choices, what to eat, where to study, what homework to work on first, etc.  But, sometimes, we can lose perspective on how important many of these choices can be in changing our lives and shaping us to be the people that we are today.  If I can INSPIRE just one person to make a better choice, in health, in design, in life in general etc. I will feel TRULY accomplished.


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