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MAR 395 is a 300 upper level division course  created and built for the Integrated Digital Media Program at the University of Montana.

It is offered Fall 2012-Fall 2014 ( 3 semesters).

FALL 2012: With the course offered to Media arts students only for the first semester, the class focused on portfolio building, gifting, building our digital footprint, to name a few topics.  One student created a font and offered it for free on dafont.com and had over 4,000 downloads in 3 weeks.

Spring 2013:  This course included a revised Moodle page for students, slight revision to the curriculum and is currently ongoing.  Students have selected to focus on building their digital identities, portfolios and impact online.  Our midterms consisted of a portfolio presentation, design resume and theme, gifting ideas as well as the start of an impact blog.  The end of the semester will focus on conversation on social networking issues to be demonstrated in a podcast as well as a final online portfolio presentations demonstrating a student’s knowledge of online communities and impact in the virtual community.