To Inspire: My Ultimate Goal!


After watching the Tony Robbins TED Talk, I felt like I could conquer the world.  The power of inspiration knows few bounds, and to have the ability to spark a flame within someone is something to be desired.  I have always craved the influence that it takes to help someone truly analyze about their life, their decisions, and their goals.

Tony Robbins, and the founder of My New Red Shoes took their powerful idea, and MADE it work! They recognized a problem, and created their own solution, even if the solution seemed small at the time.  To think, Tony came from seriously humble beginnings, serving a Thanksgiving meal to only one or two families, and is now serving these meals to HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS!

His perspective on choices really resonated with me.  Each day, we make countless choices, what to eat, where to study, what homework to work on first, etc.  But, sometimes, we can lose perspective on how important many of these choices can be in changing our lives and shaping us to be the people that we are today.  If I can INSPIRE just one person to make a better choice, in health, in design, in life in general etc. I will feel TRULY accomplished.

The Future!

After listening to a handful of podcasts from How Stuff Works: Tech Stuff, my brain is overflowing with optimism for the future and upcoming innovations, but I can’t help but fear for society. Our society has already become so dependent on technology that future innovations could potentially lead us down a dark path.

I love technology, and I embrace innovation in my day to day life, it makes life easier and it helps me to be more organized but, being totally connected all the time opens the door for privacy vulnerabilities as well as a slow loss of the ability to retain information, and the ability to think for yourself. Relying on your refrigerator to tell you what’s for dinner, or waiting for an email to let you know your laundry is dry creates a reliance on technology that can cause serious issue if these devices are hacked, have technical errors, or if there is a power outage. In addition, relying on friends information about a particular restaurant or vacation destination can be hazardous because not all of your friends have the same taste in activities

Technological innovation is great but we, as a society, need to remember our roots. We need to remember how to accomplish tasks ourselves without the aid of technology. We should respect technology as the massive powerful beast that it is and remember that all in a moments notice it can be gone.

The Future of Social “Interaction”


Since the internet was fully launched back in 1994 social interaction began to evolve. First we had message boards, then MySpace, to Facebook and Twitter. Today, Google+ hangouts and Skype allow us to connect with anyone practically anywhere. What’s next? Teleporting like in Star Trek? Time Travel; a la Back to the Future?




To think about what social interaction used to be only about 20-25 years ago is so much different than it is now. Between cellphones, texting, FaceTime or email social interaction has gone from face-to-face, to device-to-device. We longer connect at coffee shops anymore, we connect on 4Square, and I think that is sad.




I think it is scary to think about what else people will come up with so that we don’t have to interact with each other anymore. Someone could talk to 10 people in a day and never see one, they could not even type the message…they could just use Siri! Is this what social interaction has truly be DEVOLED to? I truly hope not.


The Future of Social Interaction

The internet has continued ¬†to play a larger ¬†role in all our lives over time. ¬†On a regular basis people are “googling” the answer to any and all questions they might have. Every time we utilize different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Etc, we are giving out all sorts of information about ourselves to these companies. They are gaining semantic data off of us from the different search queries we do, where we are searching from, the different phrases we are repeatedly using. Not only are the gaining semantic data from our basic searches, but they are also gaining social data from all of our social networks. These companies know mass amount of things about what we like, where we want to go, where we buy things,etc. This is helping these companies to tailor our searches before we even finish our sentences. To ensure that the ads displayed on our screens are things they believe will be of interest to us. Like the guys in the podcast said its like having a personal assistant who is working on your search for you. I think as ¬†technology continues to advance we are going to be relying on the internet and different apps, programs, etc. for more and more throughout time.

I could see how eventually  appliances will be able to communicate to each other. I think it would be awesome if your washer and dryer could communicate to each other. I would love to be able to have my washer and dryer let me know when they are done via text message. This could help to prevent forgotten laundry and to keep things on schedule, which would be super helpful! Having a smart refrigerator that could help you to know when things are gonna go bad or when things are going to run out, would be awesome!  It would be great to have a refrigerator that could keep data of what is running out and then you would already have a list of what is gone or even in the future be able to get it delivered. Internet connectivity with household appliances would be very useful in a variety of ways.  With things like Netflix that can restart your program exactly where you left it off the last time and recommend similar things based off your previous watched items. Even now when you take a picture on some smart phones the phone will highlight purchasable items like say a coke can and then if you click on it, it will direct you straight to a place to purchase it. Facebook has become a main means of communication for many people especially those without phones. Not to mention when someone loses their phone the first thing they do is post on Facebook t contact them through there.  I think in the future internet connectivity will the be essential in streamlining the daily experience for many different things.