class concepts

Digital Book Club

UM Digital Book Club is a blog created for the Social Networking MAR 395 course.  Incorporating new teaching and learning technologies, students post, watch and comment each week on an educational video, responding to other student’s comments and links.  15 minutes of each meeting are reserved for discussion on the weekly video emulating a book club type forum.  Students are encouraged to comment utilizing core concepts covered in past lectures.


Giving is an essential component of becoming a part of the virtual community and a way to create and build your online identity.   “Gifting” is the idea of giving without the expectation of anything in return.  It may be something as small as adding someone as a friend to your network, liking their post, or retweeting a tweet.  Going farther, students use their artistic skills to give away creative elements for free online: textures, custom Photoshop brushes, sounds, fonts, etc. This method of “gifting” helps students to establish their presence online, as well as give them opportunities to add these items to their resume or portfolio and build up a network around their creative interests.

Heather Shibahn Font

Jo Costello Sounds

Jo Costello font

Joey Walker font

Design Resume

A major component to this course is portfolio building.  Students are asked to evaluate their wants and needs in a portfolio, pick a design concept and create a resume NOT using Microsoft Word, but a creative software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or Acrobat.  Students pick a theme and design concept and are encouraged to keep a consistent look and feel for all of their social networks.

Student Example: Jordan Costello

Class Blog

#UMconnected: Topics in Social Networking is a blog created by students as a place to discuss issues related to social networking in the virtual community.  Students research, write and post about issues relating to them and their experience with different social networking issues including incorporating new learning technologies such as creating a podcast.